Imaginator is a handy MIDI tool for use when you want to find that elusive one bar hook.

Vince Clarke is proud to announce the second in a series of Eurorack modules, the Imaginator. “I wanted a practical writing tool that would generate musical patterns based on user controlled variables”. With an ingenious use of high level algorithms and a calculating time of less than two seconds, the Imaginator will produce inspiring musical phrases well beyond the 12 days of Christmas.




£499 exc VAT


Width: 34hp

Power: +12v, 230mA

Depth: 60mm

Note: This is a Eurorack module. A case/power supply will also be needed to use this device.


Imaginator is a handy MIDI tool for use when you want to find that elusive one bar hook.

It can generate one bar MIDI musical phrases which can be manipulated in many ways, like transpose, velocity, rhythm, etc. Once you have a loop you are happy with record the MIDI notes into your DAW / sequencer where you can then integrate it into your song.
Imaginator is primarily a MIDI composition studio tool; it does not have CV and Gate outputs, but can easily be used with analogue synthesiser modules using one of the many MIDI to CV converters available in eurorack format. The wide choice of MIDI-CV converters means you can find a perfect converter for your set-up.
The Eurorack format was chosen for Imaginator since it is ubiquitous now with many frame (case) choices available. Eurorack is essentially just a standard DIN standard that has been used for years, used in the intrumentation field, broadcast, and electronics in general. It is now time the format grew beyond just synthesiser modules, and into studio and MIDI ‘outboard’ gear just like the API and ‘U’ standards.