£69 + tax & delivery

Dual channel CV TO MIDI

2 channel CV to MIDI converter

Width: 10HP
Requires 5V

Note: The CV input isn’t calibrated to a scale, since its prime purpose is to convert outputs from CV sequencers – whose outputs don’t really have a scale as such. They just output a voltage from say 0-5V. As a guide though, CVM outputs MIDI notes corresponding to approx 1V/Oct. But not exactly.

Two channel CV to MIDI converter. This is if you wish to control your MIDI synth from one of our analogue sequencers.
Each each channel will convert 2 CVs and 1 gate into MIDI note messages (CV2 becomes velocity).

Activity LED.
CV1 in, CV2 in, Gate in (all x2)

£69 + tax & delivery