The fun and versatile EKG eurorack sequencer in action ... See MoreSee Less

Depeche cover !
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no music - but a collection of odd electronic noises ... See MoreSee Less

Dirty noise on an Analogue Solutions Leipzig S

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Mario Chill SlimbrouckSounds like music to me ๐Ÿ™‚

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Celldweller and his Leipzig-S synth
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Lost in sound with the Analogue Solutions UK Ltd Leipzig-S. This synth has a massive sound & is a great tool for beginners and pros all like. Full video coming to my YouTube channel in the next few we...

Telemark-K song ... See MoreSee Less

Sequenced with Atari ST. Recorded live on analogue tape.

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Nyborg12 video
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Tracking an arp with Analogue Solutions UK Ltd Nyborg-12 for one of my new songs! #synth #synthesizer #edm #synthkids

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Analogue sequencers and synths.
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Here's a little Oberkorn/Megacity action with Nyborg/Telemark (telecrack) buddies and a little Kobol thrown into the mix -- excuse the delayed audio track! #megacity #analoguesolutions #nyborg #rsfkob...

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Another fantastic demo from Marc
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MEGACITY: The sequencer that made me love step sequencing. With all of its features, the way it encourages hands-on physical interaction, and its gorgeous aesthetic... it made a step sequencer use...

Testimonial - "I love how the Nyborg-12 has such a sophisticated sound, as well as an edgy sound too. The multimode filter is absolutely incredible, it's very smooth and liquid sounding. " ... See MoreSee Less

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Richard van der MeerLooks awesome with those wunderfull sidepanels.

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Keith Andrew TrigwellSuch a cool name too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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