megacity sides

Wood panels (only) for:

Megacity / Telemark / Nyborg products

£199 + tax & delivery*


* wood only, does NOT include the synths / sequencers !



AS Tie In Wood panels


‘L’ tie in wood panels

Use to neatly tie together and house:

A Telemark or Megacity


2 Nyborgs (12 or 24 or mix)


Made with quality solid white Oak.

Includes screws. Rough outline instructions will be uploaded soon.

Assembly just requires a screw driver and some mechanical common sense.

You will need to remove the top panels, and, possibly, the power supply PCB to screw the units from the inside, to the wood.

There are no templates, just some good eyeballing.

Be sure you are happy with alignment before committing to the screwing!



wood panels