Analogue sequencer to ‘play’ your modular synth, or provide CV effects.

£109 exc VAT

Key Features

  • 8 CV pots & 8 Gate switches
  • Width: 18HP
  • Requires 5V
  • Step button
  • Range switch
  • Step 1 out, Reset In, Clock In, Clock Through, CV out, Gate Out

The SQ8 is a single channel sequencer with 8 steps. As it is single channel, larger sequencing systems can be built up by doubling up on sequencers. As they are all separate, you can clock them at different speeds or clock divide ratios.

Width:          18HP
Power:         +12V 10mA, -12V 10mA, +5V 40mA
Depth:          90mm

Controls In Detail – standard operation

Clock In
The SQ8 requires a +5V clock signal. Each clock signal will advance the sequencer 1 step. When the last step is reached, it resets back to the first step. Take the clock signal from a square wave LFO, Clock module or MIDI to Clock converter.

Clock Thru
The clock signal appearing at the CLOCK IN socket is buffered and transferred to the CLOCK THRU socket, so it can be daisy chained to another sequencer.

Reset In
A 5V signal in here will reset the sequencer to step 1.

Step 1 Out
Each time step one is played, the step 1 gate socket will go high (output +5V). This socket can be used to trigger other devices, such as a cymbal sound at the start of each bar, or to trigger another sequencer. The step 1 out will give a clock signal that is the main clock in divided by out.

CV Out
This socket will output a control voltage set by the pot for the current step. It can be changed in real time.

Gate Out
This socket will output a 5V gate when the CV control is pulled out.

Step Button
This allows the sequencer to be manually stepped by one step at a time whilst the clock is not running. It can also be used to reset the sequence. As with most analogue sequencers, step it to the last step (8 or whatever is patched) so that when you start the clock, the sequencer starts on position 1.

Note: The step button will only work when any clock input signal is at a low state (0V). So it will note work when the clock input is high. This situation will note arise in normal use, as one would only normally use the step button when the master clock is stopped (making the clock signal low). If the sequencer is being clocked by a clock divider, even when the clock is stopped, it is possible that the clock signal may still be high until reseted.

CV / Gate pots / Range switch
The CV and Gate functions are built into a single combined pot/switch. The switch is a push/pull type. Pulling the control out turns off the gate.

There are 8 CV pots, 1 for each step. When the range switch is HI the range is approximately 0 to 8.6V, when LO the range is approximately 0-4.3V. LOw is best for use when controlling a VCO as this gives better ability to fine tune each step.

The CV pots have a built in Gate switch. Pull the knob out to turn off the gate for that step, push it in to turn the gate on.

LED Indicators
There are 8 LED’s. These will light in turn to show step position.