Nominated for best hardware Effects Processors, 2017….

Treadstone – Jan

Mr. Hyde

Dr. Strangelove


SynthBlocks are a range of small desk top signal processors. No menus and no software. Just hardware. Typically all analogue, but with some lo-fi digital effects.

Ideal for:

The digital musician who uses primarily laptop + plugins, who really wants to use some real analogue hardware to process their sounds. Plug the box into the audio in / out of an audio interface. Then route your drums, synths, strings, vocals etc out the computer, through the transistors and op-amps of Mr. Hyde and record back into the laptop.

Or do a similar thing by connecting to the auxiliary buss of a mixing desk just as you would any other effects processor.

Turn the dials and flick the switches in real time with your hands (not a mouse!).

It is also ideal for use in conjunction with Eurorack modular, and other synths with CV sockets, such as the Analogue Solutions Fusebox synthesizer. My Hyde can be cross-patched with these type of synths to extend the range of sounds of the whole package.

The synthBlocks are small and affordable, with no comprise in build quality or sound.

Multiple SynthBlocks can be linked together, not just the audio path, but also the modulation voltages!


Other SynthBlocks are already in development.