VCO-RM is a single VCO-RM laid out in a similar way to the VCO section you would find on a monosynth. VCO-RM includes a glide (slew) function, so this is a great bonus. VCO-RM can go down to low frequencies so they can be used as an LFO

It also has a complete and independent Ring Modulator. This can be used on its own, or you can patch the oscillator into the RM, and along with another audio source gives you great Ring Mod’d sounds.

£99 exc VAT

High-end VCO with separate Ring Modulator

Width: 12HP

VCO provide the raw sound, the starting point of your synth patch.VCOs can also be used as a modulation source. You’ll want at least 2 VCOs in your system.

The built in Ring Modulator is a great effect to produce metallic and other weird sounds. Usually you would need a 2nd VCO to use the Ring Mod feature.

This VCO has the benefit of Glide (portamento) built in as standard and also features a separate Ring Mod. Has Sync In and separate Saw, Triangle and Square outs.

Tune (with Octave switch), Glide, Triangle Level, Saw Level, Square Level.
CV In, Sync In, Tri Out, Saw Out, Square Out, RM X In, RM Y In, RM Out