Used gear and Vintage synths for sale

Please email if interested – and I will send you additional pictures on request!


Fairlight CMI I (upgraded to II with Page R etc) – £9999

+ Library, manuals, serviced. Superb condition.

Screen is a little bright (maybe needs internal trim) but everything else seems fine.


Fairlight CMI II  – £8499

+ Library, manuals, serviced,

SD Card reader [floppy emulator] -can read image files of Fairlight discs. Huge image library included.

It will both boot and read discs from the Floppy Emulator. But still has a drive on board if needed. Original spare Drive is included.

Keyboard is intermittent – this will need looking at but expected to be a very simple repair.

Screen is suffering from cataracts but working very well and with clear image. Aside from this the system is in superb condition.


Both fairlights can be seen in action here:


ARP2600 £11,500

all working, serviced, case recovered. New keyboard bushes, recalibrated. Other general service work carried out.

in ‘new’ condition. Definitely a collector’s piece.

Comes with leads, keyboard, covers.


Waldorf XTK Wavetable synth with 30 Voice expansion – £1999


More: Please enquire for prices and pictures (these items below listing on behalf of a colleague):

Oberheim OBSX
Original 1970s Oberheim Two Voice(with sequencer)
Waldorf Q
Roland MKS-80 (on hold)
Emax II Turbo(ex Mute) With rack mounted CD-ROM and Mag-Op Drive.
E-mu E-Synth (64Mb RAM, SCSI2SD card), SD Card is loaded with libraries (About 25gb) £400
Elektron Monomachine Keyboard
Yamaha SY-1,
Cheetah MS6 with latest OS £600

Studio equipment:

Genelec 8050s
Multiple A-Frame stands
Mackie 1402